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Samson: No Ordinary Superhero

The Bible has always been a source of inspiration. Amazingly, it can also come alive in your life spiritually. Studying a Bible character can help you learn a lot about yourself if you are willing to go on the journey. There’s a possibility you just might see yourself in them.

Samson: No Ordinary Superhero is that kind of book. It’s a good read for all ages. Imagine going on this extraordinary adventure with a young boy named Samson who wanted to make his father proud. Travel with him on the dusty roads of the Book of Judges and uncover one mystery after another. Discover the real Samson who will reach out, and help him. Experience his fears and pain, their joy, his mischievous nature, and eventually, their victory as they rid the town of Soyerville of their present-day Philistines.



The Rise of Tehh—Thomas Edison Hamilton Hancock

The Rise of Tehh is the fascinating story of how tragedy gives way to triumph for a seemingly hopeless young man with a dream for his mother and his city.

Follow him through his life as faith allows him to overcome one obstacle after another

You will feel his pain and joy, and experience one of his greatest discoveries

You will be captivated by his unique ability to make a difference in the lives of those around him

You will see the transforming power of a place called Box City and discover the secret of how he did it.